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Am I A Responsible Pet Owner?

As a pet owner, your parental instincts will make you want to nurture and care for your pet as though they were your child. You would certainly want them to live a long and healthy life. To do this, you will have to conduct regular activities that will ensure they stay healthy and happy. In this article, we provide few tips for pet care Dubai.

Regular Checkup at The Vet

As a responsible pet parents, you need to ensure regular visits to the veterinary. Given that their lifespan is relatively shorter than humans, getting a checkup once or twice a year is mandatory. Depending on their vaccine schedule, the visits tend to be more frequent when they are younger. But enabling regular visits as they age helps maintain their health. Vet trips can often be a challenging tasks. Cats in particular don’t specifically enjoy being out of their comfort zones, which is why you need to practice taking them around in a carrier from childhood. It helps reduce the stress involved when going to the vet. Dogs on the other hand enjoy car rides. However, you shouldn’t kill the excitement by only taking them to the vet. Take them along for other trips as well, so they don’t associate car rides with going to the vet.

Feed Them Nutritious Meals

Pets who are fed with highly nutritious food have healthy skin, shiny hair coat and bright eyes. A well-balanced diet also keeps their immunity levels high, maintains intestinal health, keeps joints and muscles healthy and also ensures their mental health is good. That said, you need to ensure of feeding the food that is appropriate for their age, health condition and activity levels. You can always consult with a vet before deciding on their meals.

Am I A Responsible Pet Owner?

Maintain Their Oral Health

dental issues and poor oral health are a common problem amongst cats and dogs. It can be very painful, thus making it difficult for them to eat or even chew. If left untreated it could lead to severe health issues, affecting the heart or kidney. Apart from regular dentist visits, you need to create a habit of brushing their teeth regularly. If your pet is not comfortable with using toothbrushes, you could try other alternatives to it.


It is vital for pets to be vaccinated on time. These help in building their immunity and protecting them from any illness or disease. It includes rabies, distemper and Lyme disease, among others. While vaccinating young pets are very important, you need to ensure senior animals are immunized as well.

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