Buy the US or Europe Passport in Dubai

How to Buy Your Way to A New Passport?

Buying your way to a new Passport is a way of investing in another country to become a citizen of that country. Several countries have adopted this means of giving citizenship. To obtain a second nationality by investment, you must meet the criteria of the country you have selected. Some countries are cheaper when compared to others, but the choice is yours to make. Some countries that offer citizenship by investment are Malta, Dominica Republic, United States of America, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Hungary, Portugal, Greece, Spain, etc. These countries each have specific requirements you must meet before you can invest in dual citizenship.

Real Estate to Buy Passport

Real Estate

This is increasingly popular now as countries now offer people the option to invest in real estate in order to obtain citizenship. Saint Lucia offers citizenship by investing in real estate. A minimum of $300,000 which is approximately (1,101,870,00 UAE Dirham). To obtain an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investing in real estate, you must be ready to invest a minimum of $200,000 (734,560,00 UAE Dirham) and it takes about four months to process.


The Antigua and Barbuda government allows a donation of $100,000 (367,280,00 UAE Dirham). The donation gives you citizenship and is also nonrefundable. One of the cheapest ways to get Dominican citizenship is by a donation of $100,000 (367,280,00 UAE Dirham). Although this donation is for one person, it increases if you have your family members. A family of four is $200,000 (734,560,00 UAE Dirham). The processing time for Dominican citizenship by donation is between 60 and 90 days.

Government Bonds

Another way to get citizenship is by government bonds. Turkish government offers citizenship to people who can buy bonds worth $500,000 (1,836,400,00 UAE Dirham) which will be refunded in full after three years. Malta also offers citizenship when you buy bonds worth €150,000 (614,248.25 UAE Dirham) refundable after 5 years of maintenance. Ireland offers citizenship for a refundable bond of €1,000,000 (4,094,841.45 UAE Dirham) and an interest rate of 0%. Malta has one of the cheapest bonds which makes it a very good option.

Bank Deposit

Bank deposits for citizenship are becoming increasingly popular by the day. Turkey offers a bank deposit as an option to obtain Turkish citizenship. If you deposit $500,000 (1,836,400.00 UAE Dirham) for three years, you are entitled to Turkish citizenship. The United Kingdom also offers citizenship by bank deposit. The United Kingdom will give you citizenship if you pay a minimum of £2,000,000 (9,473,436.68 UAE Dirham) whilst Cyprus will offer you citizenship with a bank deposit of €330,000 (1,351,384.16 UAE Dirham).

Business Investment

Quite a number of countries will let you have citizenship if you invest in an already existing business or if you start up a business. Most countries that offer this type of citizenship will require you to employ a number of her citizens as stated by the law. For Portugal, you must invest €350,000 into an already existing business while also creating and maintaining not less than 5 job positions in three years.

There are many other countries besides the ones stated above that offer citizenship by investment, such as citizen Cyprus through investment.

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