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Tips to Ensure A Successful Rig Movement

These movements are often risky especially when performing offshore. One may often find it challenging to find the right balance between maintaining the gap in costs, handling certain data transmission and also staying safe and in compliance in different regions. The role of overseeing an assignment is often incumbent on those handling the finances in a company. However, with the right technology this job can be done much faster and with ease. In. this article we discuss the steps companies need to take in order to ensure a successful rig move UAE.


When processes are reported, management can then start planning and forecasting a step ahead. Users can quickly access requests and reports for internal and external reporting with proper roll-based authentication, making compliance monitoring and visibility in real-time much simpler. Quicker reporting and reliable forecasts are highly helpful to drilling contractors, allowing management to focus on up-to-date key performing signs, financials, environmental effects and operating costs.

Accurate forecasting offers an incentive for drilling contractors to plan and determine what financial transactions need to stay, be terminated, or be recreated while considering all of the processes involved in a rig transfer. A solution that can model transactions when shifting a business from contract to contract offers the foresight companies need to make informed plans, because the drilling contractor can determine what to do with each transaction in relation to the current rig and company.


Sadly, there are still many drilling contractors struggling with their unorganized solutions. Their existing systems are also insufficient and not as agile to match the diverse requirements, transactions and process required in order for the rig to move. Through integration all these data sources into one solution, drilling contractors will reap the benefits of processing vast quantities of real-time information-providing an objective image of events and allowing informed decision-making during the transfer.

Tips to Ensure A Successful Rig Movement

Be Prepared

The right project-based approach will help with transportation and final sign-off at a new site from the planning phase to the start of the transfer – all within a one solution. In this case, a site is characterized as a logistical unit that carries records of all the previous maintenance conducted, the financial transactions as well as inventory values of the rig or vessel. When you track all the details of the site it helps in providing an accurate point and offers the visibility required to remain complaint through the moving process.

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