Water Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Water is certainly a precious commodity in the UAE, given that the region has one of the lowest levels of rainfall. This means that storage of water in Dubai and surrounding areas is a top priority for many residents. Unfortunately, many people have no idea of how to store water correctly. This increases the chances of drinking contaminated water, which might lead to the onset of water-borne diseases.

Learning how to store water the right way is pivotal for beverage companies as well as businesses running water bottling and distribution services. In this post, we explore some of the most common mistakes people make when storing water.

Not Adding the Right Additives

Water is a clear and colorless liquid, meaning you may never know whether it is safe for drinking or not. In any case, some of the microorganisms that can contaminate your water are also invisible to the naked eye. With this in mind, you should add the necessary additives such as calcium, chlorine, and iodine to your water before storing. This will ensure the water stays safe for consumption for a prolonged period.

Storing Water in Unsealed Containers

Storing water in unsealed containers is another huge mistake many people make. Firstly, this exposes the water to contaminants, and it increases the chances of bacterial growth. Stagnant water in unsealed containers is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other parasites. If you are planning to preserve water for a long time, make sure you use sealable containers to prevent exposure to parasites and disease-causing pathogens.

Storing Water in Wrong Containers

The type of container you use to store your water is equally important. Regrettably, most people overlook this aspect by using any container they come across. The ideal water container should consist of materials that are food-grade safe and FDA-approved. The best materials for storing water should be made using BPA-free plastic or stainless steel.

Metal containers may appear safe and durable, but they tend to corrode very quickly in just a matter of days. You should also avoid cardboard containers since they are not appropriate for long-term water storage. For proper guidance, consider enlisting the services of a reputable water storage company in Dubai to help source the right containers.

Not Changing the Water Regularly

Storing water in a sealable container does not guarantee that it will remain contaminant-free. The small microorganisms in the water are likely to multiply over time. With this in mind, you need to change it to a different container regularly to prevent microbial growth. Replacing the water is an important step that you can handle yourself or enlist the services of a professional to help you out.

Neglecting the Safety

You might have the right containers at your disposal, but if the storage area is not clean or conducive, there is a chance of contamination after a while. The environment where you store your water should be away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dark location.

In Conclusion

Whether you want to store rainwater or distilled water, you need to do it correctly to prevent contamination. Enlisting the services of a reliable water storage company can go a long way to ensure your water and beverages are safe for consumption. Call us today to learn more about our water storage in Dubai.

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