Parking Management System Companies in UAE

What is a Parking Management System?

Due to very limited space available for parking, several institutions are trying hard to accommodate the growing parking needs. There should be a proper system in place to ensure that resources are utilized in an optimal manner. Depending on the size and scale of the institution, suitable parking management system companies in UAE need to be chosen.

Payment method, enforcement options, access, and reporting are few crucial elements in a parking management system. A parking management system helps allot space according to vehicle type like two-wheeler or four-wheeler. Parking systems nowadays are fully automated that rely on parking solution software, sensors and smart cards. Users don’t have to rely on traditional methods as the software allows auto-generated passes, checking empty parking slots, reserving them and several other features.

Users either pay and park or opt a monthly payment if he/she is regular visitor. Previously, parking space was difficult to manage, and it wasn’t smooth process. The advent of technology has eliminated several issues. Several dedicated companies now exclusively provide services to manage parking.

Here is a look into the different ways to manage parking problems:

Workplace Parking Solutions

Managing workplace parking has proved very troublesome both for the space owners and the users. But now parking solutions catering to the needs of commercial complexes are largely popular. The benefit of installing new software solutions over hardware suppliers is that car space owners can increase the capacity of parking facilities. That too, without any addition to the existing spaces. Workplace parking is much easier with new technology.

Manual Methods

This is a traditional and conventional method of managing the parking space that is now growing outdated. A person overlooks parking spaces and accepts cash payment whenever someone enters and occupies the slot. Information of people using slots are manually recorded in a computer or a book. The method has huge scope for errors and is not suitable for large scale businesses that experience heavy traffic.

Hardware Solutions

These kinds of solutions rely on costly hardware that manages all the payment and control. The hardware will keep a record of money collected through parking services and details about occupancy. Users must get a ticket from a large barrier and make the payment at pay station for time spent in that particular slot.

Software Solutions

This is an extremely advanced way of managing parking and heavily in demand. Software tracks the number of people coming and going. In fact, entry and exit are integrated with smartphones and license plates. Park owners can view status of slots, occupancy and other details instantly. This solution makes use of digital payment.


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