Energy Saving Water Heating

Why Choose an Energy Saving Water Heater?

The unthinkable has happened: your water heater has stopped working. We have gotten used to the tap instantly producing hot water the moment you turn it on. Now you are on a hunt to source for a new water heater but can’t seem to lay your finger on the right heater. All you see is ‘energy saving’ written on the description of these water heaters. However, how do you make the right decision when choosing a water heating unit? This is where we step in and help you understand why an energy saving water heater might be the ideal appliance for your home. There are very few stores in Dubai that offer the best energy saving water heater. Let’s us first understand why you should choose one in the first place.

Save Money

Energy-efficient water heaters are not just faster but more economical too! Because their heating design is more advanced than that of the standard water heaters, they can heat water faster. Energy-saving water heaters have proven to use up to a minimum of 10% less energy than their standard counterparts. This means that just by installing the energy-saving unit, you can save up to 10% on your water heater bill alone.

Better Insulation

An energy-saving water heater is fitted with better insulation than standard water heaters. This means that once the water has heated up, it will remain hot for longer. Ultimately the water will not reheat as often saving you money. This is also a wonderful feature if you have a large family who all need to make use of the hot water in a short space of time.

Comparatively Expensive

While the energy-saving water heater units are more expensive than a standard water heater the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial savings. Water heaters have a long-life expectancy when compared to other appliances. If your water heater is not energy efficient you will pay more on your energy bill over the full duration than what you would spend purchasing the more expensive unit at the beginning.

Longer Lasting

As stated above, a water heater has a much longer life expectancy than that of a normal appliance. While standard units have a maximum life expectancy of only fifteen years, an energy-saving unit will last up to a staggering 25 years. This means you will not have to replace it as soon and you will experience energy savings for up to ten more years.

efficient water heater

Saves Energy

With less energy consumption you will be able to enjoy longer showers. No more dashing in and out of the shower out of fear of wasting gas or electricity; simply enjoy your energy savings along with a relaxing, hot shower. For the best efficient water heater have a look at the amazing products that Atlantic Comfort has to offer.

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