Top 5 Entrepreneurship Myths Exposed: Discover the Truth

There are many different myths related to entrepreneurship and running a business! Here are the most popular myths exposed! Read this article and discover the truth!

Becoming an entrepreneur is everyone’s dream. After all, who does not want to run a business? However, a lot of people whose wish is to become entrepreneurs believe in some myths related to entrepreneurship and these myths are actually the reason that held them from accomplishing their dream of becoming their own boss.

In this article, we are going to present you the 5 most popular myths and we are going to expose them in order to help you discover the truth and find a courage to finally start your own business.


  1. Entrepreneurship is easy – A lot of people think that entrepreneurship and running a business is easy as they see all those successful businessmen making a lot of money, however, what they don’t see is the hard work behind that money. For example, when people see a successful restaurant with full tables and lots of customers they immediately think that a successful restaurant requires tasty food, skillful chefs, facilities in a busy location, cool environment, but they are wrong. There are so many factors that come into place such as Systematization, Marketing, Human Resources, Training, R&D. and etc.
  2. Entrepreneurship is difficult – You may seem confused now, but what we are trying to say is that entrepreneurship is not easy but it is not difficult as well. Some people think that being an entrepreneur and running a successful business has a lot to do with luck and that sometimes it is an impossible project. As long as you work hard and you are dedicated to your job, you have all the chances in the world to succeed.
  • You need a huge amount of money to start your own business – The third most common myth is that you need a huge budget to start your own business. Yes, this is true, but only if you are following the traditional business rules of building a brick and mortar business. Today, we do things in a different way. Times have significantly changed and we are into the Internet age now. There are a lot of great and affordable options that allow you to become an entrepreneur. You can build your own online business and work from home. The online business is a business that can be developed without costly rents, without employees, and without storage of goods.
  • You are not a born entrepreneur – Well, neither is Robert Kiyosaki or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. There are people who think that you can have a successful company as long as your parents are successful entrepreneurs. The truth is that no one is born to run a business or to be an entrepreneur. The reason why some people are successful entrepreneurs is because they have managed to learn and develop skills such as leadership, communication, selling, management, marketing, and etc. So, if you want to become a successful and powerful entrepreneur you need to learn, develop, and improve the skills you are good at.
  • High risk – There is a risk in everything, there is a risk in driving a car, in purchasing a new apartment, in eating fish balls. You need to understand that we can’t eliminate the risk, however, we can minimize it by knowing exactly what we want to achieve and how to achieve that.

There you go! The most common entrepreneurship myths presented and resolved! We hope that you have learned a lot from this article and now you are ready to build your own business!